I have this thing ya kukatia dem online akishaingia box anipe number nalengea story… hady i have over50 number on my badoo inbox iyo ni ujinga ama uoga ya kumeet online strangers


Looking for maiden lay from badoo but its prooving to be a tough market.I have successfully bomoad 9 ghels from Ok Cupid and 1 from tagged.I’m more of an online dating conessiour

It’s because they ask for money…

If you have 50 contacts, and each one asks for an average of ksh. 3000… That means you’ll have spent ksh. 150,000 on CUMMINGS…

That’s what you are afraid of…

Sitaki hata nyingi, nipe number tano max

I have the same habit. I get a number and I lose interest completely

Why do you need numbers za malaya? Does it even make sense na ukitaka ndio wamejaa town? My point is hizo number ni hasara hakuna kuma quality hapo, ni same na kwenda SJ

cupid nilikula ban kama 10 nikaamua kuretire
admins huko wako touchy sana
sikupata time ya kutosha.
same na badoo

you are doing fine

Mufuko ita toboka. Let’s say each of the 50 “Ladies” anataka date ya 5000/ = 250,000/ ksh.

Fanya hesabu

Of the 10 I bomoad the most expensive date was 6,700/-(my 1st lay hence the gullible splurge) and the cheapest was 500/-(my 7th lay) for Shawarma and back to her place to devour her.Hapo just drive a nice car,smell nice and seem like your have your shit together…utabomoa uchoke

You can choose to extend your goals, that is meet them in person. Otherwise I would say you are shy or have the fear of rejection.

Happens bro.
During my Tinder & IG hunting days I’d make moves, get the number na nachoka tu hivyo.
Got to a point where I’d just chat them up on the sites/app bila asking for digits.
‘Thrill of the hunt’ manenoz.

:eek: Hiyo ni mifuko ya Simiti kumi!!!

Kumaanisha in real sense you are in Deep shit upto your neck!
i.e … Loans & Shylocks manenos!

Let me stick to my Buroti lane!

We are all the same nmetoa namba kama 50 tinder but went on to meet one of the from KSL huyo nlimtombea hostels za UoN two days contionous na kwao ni Karen

Same here. Got so many numbers that i have never used…

Says the gentleman who hangs in the shadows to snatch prostitutes from drunk men.

Prostitutes get paid. I never pay. That means whoever I snatch isn’t a prostitute.

i also have the same habit,though not with online gals,i meet a lady of interest maybe even go on a date,text and call regularly and just one day when things seem to peak,all interest vanish so quick na naanza kumlenga,never understood just what exactly happens

Don’t hate on us coz we’re financially blessed and can fuck your girl at the same time.Level up baba!