Badoo na Okcupid kuko aje?

Nilichoka kukula block/ ban from this 2 sites. 3 bans ni mingi
Even using words like hook-up will get u banned
I enjoyed alot of success there
kuna week moja i had a different chic from mon to saturday.
Siku hizi boyshaud anakula mwezi bila hit
Tantan/ Tagged/ Tinder/ FB aint as effective.
(Am getting old sina hiyo energy ya kutafuta. close to retirement)

Alafu wangapi wanjua huyu asafi wa outerring road?
nilipata accounts zake tinder/ tan tan / badoo
Please join


Admin give this man an award for being the longest reigning SV.

Let me ask, these are “dating sites” a.k.a. online brothels, yes? So its a no brainier that the birds are ‘wira’ and the guys patronizing them sites are looking to buy, another yes? So the buyer and seller are in business, yes?
So how the f does a sicko get banned from a sicko site?? You must be a really really sick puppy yes?

Ni nini uliona kwa huyu?

Why not just pick these mboch wakufulie with the extra service of hitting it. Seems pretty inefficient to pick up mboch on these numerous sites just for a ferk.

  1. its not an online brothel. i dont do hookers. i dont pay
  1. u can get arrested for that. also refer to point 1

tits, personality

News flash, if it is a dating site it is business money for services no matter how you choose to package it! Eti escorts…

haki nikajipata nimetomba mkebe kama hii, I will hang myself with a very tight rope…

Far too many fools on ktalk

Either you are spreading a disease or you are looking for one.

takes one to know one.
peleka makende business section.
dont need ur BS.
u 2 comment on literally every thread posted (enda mhare on ur own god damn thread)
take ur piss-poor opinions, get a room mfirane

Sasa unataka kulia?

hii ndo ubaya ya kukosa akili

and now its a 3sum.
moja atafute butt plug

Hii kitu safi nilikula tagged…[ATTACH=full]191423[/ATTACH]




Condom ziko brathe…only a fool hits it raw