Bado tu tunaibiwa

So, who was saying Uhuru is Mr Nice guy but Ruto is the ruthless one? It is a family of cannibals.
Here’s Nana Gecaga doing what they do best; give themselves the best of and from the State.




[SIZE=5]KICC boss on spot over Sh1.4bn deals[/SIZE]
The management of Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) is on the spot for offering irregular contracts worth Sh1.4 billion — some to fake companies — during the World Trade Organisation (WTO) conference held in December 2015.

Auditor-General Edward Ouko singled out the KICC chief executive officer for personally awarding 15 out of 17 tenders through single sourcing.

Mr Ouko also accused the KICC board of direct involvement in the revision of tenders, especially the supply and installation of computerised conference management systems.

Mr Ouko said that out of 17 projects implemented during the WTO period, only five went through tender bids, but through restricted tendering.

“Of these five, only two were considered by the tender committee. Available information indicates that the awards for 15 tenders were done singularly by the chief executive officer through single sourcing while making reference to non-existent bids for tenders by fictitious companies in total disregard of the tender committee,” the auditor said in a qualified audit opinion tabled in Parliament.

“In view of the foregoing, the corporation was clearly in breach of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005, and Regulations 2006, and may not have received value for money from WTO projects through the flawed procurement process.”

@1776 this is what happens everywhere in the world. We are told Countries like US and Russia prop up wars everywhere so that their arms companies can thrive.
In every corporation, both public and private, procurement department is where mchuzi iko. We will not even go far, juzi @uwesmake narrated to us the plans about their teambuilding at Naivasha, and it is eating galore.
So save your breath, nukisha kitunguu in your own small way, when your time comes, by all means eat.

Hiyo ujinga ya “Uhuru is a nice guy ati ruto ndio anamwaribu” is pure nonsense. Birds of the same feather flock together

Hii tuliona lini…

You know you don’t always have to defend. We all want the president to succeed but if there is theft then trying to rationalize it is a new low for us as patriotic citizens

Yep. Eat at every opportunity and when done come back to social media point fingers and scream how government and everyone else is corrupt.

just hope Ouko does not end up like Robert Ouko, Mulika mwizi

:eek::eek::eek::eek: if we all thought that way where would our country be? kula kula tu.

I can’t fight them, won’t join them either…

Are you a perfect reason why whites refer to us apes?

Why are you surprised? Jomo Kenyatta used money meant to settle landless Kenyans to buy land for himself, Uhuru:s sister was in the list of suppliers considered as marginalized groups, they steal like everyone else

she should at least try to hide the theft by advertising it, hii ni kutuambia ataiba na hakuna chenye tunaeza fanya


That’s how we are.

Sir, I have worked with people from almost all tribes in Kenya. Everyone eats. Period.

I criticise Uhuru as you all know but let’s drop some stupidity, please.

Is Nana Gecaga = Uhuru? Are you the same as your cousin/uncle/niece?

Mwafrika is naturally silly…

When senior bush was leaving presidency what position did his two sons occupy

When trump was sworn in what positions did his immediate family members get

When bill exited the political arena what did his wife inherit

When we Africans do it its wrong

You missed the part where I said “It is a family of cannibals.

Such a bad thought. Nations should reject wars and corruption, although they have been with us for centuries.
If the people who get the tenders can do the job without quadrupling cost, do a good job of it and create some jobs then it’s fine.

Grandpaps you set that pace for the rest of us. Stupid oldman

corruption is corruptuon…awekwe ndaaaani kabsa