[SIZE=5]Dickson, a 27 year old who shot at two police officers at a club in Nairobi has surrendered himself after spending the weekend in hiding.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Via his lawyer, he claims the shooting occurred due to the two cops flirting with his woman. Kijana akaamua kama mbaya, mbaya. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]He fired at the cops, hopped in his fancy SUV and took off! [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Baddest man in east, west, north, central & southern Africa.[/SIZE]



He should have gone to karura and sorted the issue quietly

He’s in for a bumpy ride, not to mention the huge dent in his pocket, when he emerges from the other side of the tunnel.

He shall have to take it the easy way or the hard way

This man is going nowhere.

Sheria ni ya masikini na huyu sio peasant. Peasants don’t have Ombeta representing them.

You all should know that by now.

Since the victims were D- materials, hao they deserve it and worse.

The Dent is his pockets.

Wigs, Please gives us criminal perspective between kenya and jamaica. Be short and brief. I know west indies unversity has churned the best.

[SIZE=5]Sounds sarcastic but I shall answer regardless.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Crime is far more rampant in Jamaica as opposed to Kenya, primarily due to the existence of various criminal gangs within Jamaica.[/SIZE]

Must be a talker

wewe umezoea dent.; Hawajuangi!

I know the cops who were shot, some past time buddies … But this 93 year born cerellac kid will have some tough times ahead

Maisha ya jela si cup of tea kwa softie kama uyu

Kwani hio maku iko na utamu gani? is being grilled saa hii

D-'s must revenge.

Jamaa alifanya kazi poa sana. Polisi wa Kenya ni MMMMBWAAA

obado jowie babu owino, pastor nganga, tuju, lawyer nyakundi? mararo will only pay hospital bill

I doubt they can make a charge of attempted murder stick, if Ombeta can convince the judge that the accused was outnumbered, and the 2 armed guys were the aggressors. This should not be a case of a man attacking police officers, but one of a man defending himself and his girlfriend against two armed men.

Are you dumb? How many of those shot at cops?

Imenikumbusha akina Alex Chepkonga pale crooked q.