Badass amekafunga na orange farming kule Ukambani



We get it from TZ cheaper
Egypt has the cheapest juices
All juices ‘processed’ locally are imported concentrates that’s diluted water upto 85%

They will crush him like the cockroach he is

Boss, Relax. Nobody is fighting you today, wewe nenda Msikiti utuombee dua or whatever it is you guys say

Anything that invokes thinking is fighting for you?

No wonder you are labelled bonobo

Kafiri wacha ujinga

Zile za kudungwa colour na tu sticker ndio wengine wamezoea. Hizi hapa naona zikisumbua watu roho :D:D

Unless ako na ready market for all of them at the same time I don’t see how that is practical. You pluck them when they’re green and put them in storage. Alafu unauza as they ripen. Hizi ukieka store usiku moja na joto ya ukambani zitakuwa pombe zote.

Anyway, he can try yuzu, the slayqueen of citrus fruits.

Kunguni wewe peleka ushoga msikitini ukat*mbwe na sheikh

Small mind type of reasoning. Jitie

Mbona maragoli msomali amecatch hivyo? Ajitie kidole

Egypt has enough citrus for us… WE DO NOT NEED THIS KENYAN ONES

Tema kikohozi, paka kwa thumb then jitie mkundu

Jifire mbwa hii!

Kevin O’Leary?

Kweli money grows on trees.

Bingwa kuja jioni shopping centre nikushikie surba



True dat

That’s schupid reasoning and we won’t fall for that.
We are encouraging farming left right and enter to do sustainable farming and you are here blubbering about TZ fruits.
Yes. Hata mahindi tunatoa TZ, onions too. Have you known that Onion inatoka pande ya Ethiopia ni very cheap.
What about sugar? Palm Oil? Al this stuff can be found elsewhere BUat we want to promote our Smallholder farmers.

Usituletee! Nonsense