Bad things to Good people

These last two months zimekuwa serious kwangu. Considering there’s lots of people who are struggling more than I am, I still wonder why all my struggles come at one go.
I consider myself a very conservative dude, a do gooder. Lakini the moment I veer of the straight and narrow, life hunichapa kishenzi.

On the flip side, Kuna watu najua. Terrible by any standards. Roho mbaya, Wizi, liars…name it. Lakini maisha huwa just rolls by kama kawaida for them. You even hear of their successes.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Always seems like the evil men are successful but a day comes when they pay for their wickedness, somewhere in the books of proverbs

There’s a book I had by the title “why bad things happen to good people”, unfortunately, I lost it.

It was explaining the personal pronoun in the question. If you’re truthful to us, your question would be "why do bad things happen to me, yet am good? " That is obviously a misplaced question because the bible tells us that nobody is righteous (good) irrespective of how well you try to behave.

Thus, a more truthful question would be “why do good things happen to bad people, like me?” in which case the answer is simple. Because God loves you, and has a wonderful plan for you.


Very nimeelewa but sipendi mtu akisema una mashida because of God’s will. I know utasema Job alipitia mashida na majaribio but is that God’s will?

Its not like that. Uko na mashida because you’re bad and you deserve it. When things are working well, its not because you deserve it. It’s God’s favor that is upon you.


PROVERBS Chapter 10,11 and 12

Apana tambua mashida,brare fwakin.

when you start beating up people over white shoes…

Good people tend to beat themselves up over minor misfortunes while a kichwa ngumu doesn’t really care that much hence they move on quickly and got no time for self pity.

Hehehe. Krishna ndio analipiza kiasi. That was a one time thing.

you forgot karma is a word we borrowed from the indian/hindu culture…:D:D:D

My friend you have one problem “entitlement” . Many good people think the world owes them something but iza bro it doesn’t na ndio tunasemanga the world is unfair. Just keep on kuwa mzuri but don’t expect returns.

Sababu hapa ni duniani.

Exactly. Whether its philanthropy, empathy, working hard, kindness, or whatever you think is good, there are no returns or awards whatsoever from anyone.

tenda wema nenda zako