Bad news for nduthi enthusiasts

My guy…Norway was the first to shut such shit down…we have like 30 phone carriers…elec companies fill up a book…this place is set like that…its a free open market on anything…Even kenyan coffee here is by like 50 companies and not one has the nescafe or java…Plus you know Europeans hate Americans…but you guys always think they got love for one another…my local forum inacheka vile US inachezwa cuz to them its a good screw job

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Wacha zako, isps worldwide cannot repeal net neutrality because USA FCC did so. Hizo ni mashida za us na hayatuhusi ndewe wala sikio

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Kenya tuko sawa, hiyo ni shida ya US peke yao


EU hates US tech companions. Most of the rules they always put in place are those that protect consumers. Ndio maana eu hakuna ile phone carrier upus iko US


What are you scared about? Usa fucking themselves don’t affect us in anyway

Kwani huku Kenya safcom host data za Ktalk? Hosting companies and most huge tech companies like Google, Facebook, amazon are their own ISPs[/INDENT]

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They won’t, we can bet on this. India laat year walifukuza Facebook and their Free basics crap and put in place a law to uphold net neutrality

India is miles ahead of the US with its ironclad net neutrality rules

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Kama hawajui venye watu hupenda internet ndio watajua sasa. There is nothing more worse that trying to kill net neutrality.
Sasa ni tungoje riots huko US ama?

New rules = new tricks = more money to be made
NTSA Rule of Thumb

Vice wanajenga their own internet

this is what will happen, more and more will try to be their own isps. Kama hawa watu wa detroit


I was watching out for your reply

screw plus you’ve taught me something lol, congrats

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Fair enough. Let’s see whether the ripple effect will affect the end users outside the US in one way or another

I like their ingenuity.

:smiley: Huyu ni saitan

This is what i thoughted also

@screwplus is that you? :smiley:




WHo is that…

The new Net neutrality laws affects US only. In kenya CAK has explicit net neutrality rules