Bad news for nduthi enthusiasts

Say bye bye to free porn:

[SIZE=6]Great job everybody, we just killed free online porn[/SIZE]

Cassie Murdoch
Mashable•December 14, 2017

RIP your porn habit.

Thursday’s FCC vote to end net neutrality will kill many of the things you enjoy most about the internet in its current form, but chief among them is your ability to access copious amounts of free adult entertainment.

There are no shortage of women around so it wouldn’t affect me. The real thing has always been 100% better.


Tulijipanga kitambo



Hofu yangu ni torrents.
Nilikuwa nimepangia 8TB kudownload January Job

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These FCC fuckers have rolled back the gains that had been made towards net neutrality. Now ISPs in the US and world over will throttle speeds to certain sites and prioritize others as they wish. Where are hackers when you need them…they should hack that FCC to kingdom come to teach em a lesson:mad:

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wasiguse xvideos priss


That’s 13 Billion TB, impossible


King of addicts. He needs a throne.

wadau…whats net neutrality?


Jameni, hizi zote ni za nini?
Dunia yazorota kweli


Mnajua US si dunia mzima…aki this village nachungulie ujinga tu ikiropokwa…


Wafungee kabisa a lot of men have suffered addiction

Was also confused kwani hii net neutrality inagusia hadi Kenya, what I understand is that majority of the biggest sites are from U.S, and this sites need the US ISPs to host their data, hao ISPs wakiamua kunyonga site, dunia mzima si iko affected, I stand to be corrected though

Problem is it’s a trendsetter, hope on this Eu dosen’t follow suit

Kujia maombi ujinasue kwa hii shida ya nguati


First they don’t host much…two europeans wako na different form of Government …Scandinavian countries can’t pull this off … they all about this …Russia can though [ATTACH]144966[/ATTACH] but seriously you think a country like Norway gone give the keys to some office jocks …its a social state…their a level a state can’t allow a company to interefere…this a place where the customer is always right even after 2 weeks of purchase …you can return it back and say you want another…

Kwani midget alihama Germany?

Nigger stop being naive…trust me its just a matter of time before other ISPs in other countries follow suit. Whether you like it or not the US sets the precedent on matters technology…whether bad or good

Ango naona ata wewe umemezea xvideos. Ile siku moja ilikosa kufanya, Okwonkwo akikosa Usingizi juu hawezi lala kama haja wank na shemale za Brazil