Bad dream

I just woke up from a dream,
I have dreamt of a plane crash and I was on board, I wasn’t hurt and was trying to help the others. It happened somewhere in tz as after I went to buy sugarcane and they were speaking that Swahili.
Also I had another of a ship that sunk not very far from the dock in Mombasa and my cousin was in and he could send me messages to us for help to have them rescued as they were still alive in the bunker.
I started pleading with sonko to allow his life guards to dive and help but couldn’t get him online.
Wadau not that I want explanation but if I dream of something and remember it will probably happen or something close to it no matter how many years. Msipande ndege Wala meli.

abdul …iko mkia hapa
We don’t know the story

wacha uoga bure. I have also dreamt digging a grave for some random person, dreamt of someone close touching a dangerous snake as I warn them. other bad dreams that i wont mention. I think its just random stuff when you are stressed.

We all have bad dreams but it doesn’t necessarily mean they will happen…

with the help o a diagram, can you illustrate the last you dreamt and happened.

Let me inbox you prophet Owuors number, we need to pray. That plane is the economy of kenya coming down.

You are depressed. Seek help my fren!

Yaani it has gotten to a point where people have gone even further to ask Sonko for help in their dreams…hahahaha huyu jamaa atarudi govner saa nne asubuhi 2022

hallucanations za tumbako

Inaitwa chavez Kali Sana kuliko rwara. Huyu mungich ana changanya mbake na kuber .Sasa zikiingia kwa medulla oblongata ile mkipuko iko uko can rival Hiroshima nuclear bombs.

@Motokubwa tumia Mimi kakitu ndi handū hûru mūno.

wechez,weka number hapa

Hii ni script ya final destination

It just means there is something/someone in your life you are afraid to lose usiogope…just try finding who/what it is and keep it closer to you

Halafu unianike kwa kameteee.

beggars can’t be choosers


only legends know what you’re talking about…