Bad Chuom habits: Don't be these guys!

Moto ya gazeti guy

A typical drink den in the esto has regulars. Some of these are regulars true but there are the ones who have been rolling on 30 bob Kegs for the whole month but when payday comes they want to show everyone else that their bodies are not allergic to bottles that cost more than 1000 bob. These are the ones who drink not for their own enjoyment but to prove a financial point. I really sympathize with them. Sadly is that they will ball hard on that last Friday of the month but run broke in about 2 days (Moto ya gazeti). The next afternoon during Ma-lock hours they will keep whining about how they had a lot of money the day before but cannot account for where it went. Everytime someone walks in they turn quickly hoping someone they bought for the day before will come in and rescue them. Hihihihi. You are probably in this group if the first thing you think of when you get your salary or a slight windfall is passing by the chuom and ordering something that will “scare” people. Or if you keep a scorecard of who has or has not been buying you drinks the last few times so that you can revenge.

The small feet guy

Ever heard the saying “When your feet are small, even a normal-sized foot looks like a giant foot”. Yani to put it simple. Do you come across these guys who just have an inferiority complex about everything around them? They walk into the dark chuom and seeing you enjoying a nice drink and catching on some banter but they have these complaint-like greetings like “Siku hizi unakula tuu mali pekee yako”. Had this new bartender chic…skinny yello yello kinda “kanjeri” chic who was new in a chuom I frequent on Satoz and right she was kinda friendly towards me. This guy I see around but never interact with more than that thumb lift just turned wild one day when I made an order. He shouted to her like “Usikubali huyu akukatie huyu akona madem wengi”. I didn’t read much into it but later on after the guy has gone and we are less guys in the club word turned out that he had been throwing “lugha” and the lady didnt feel him at all. At all…at aaaaall. This drinkers are the type who take it in really bad when you are ordering two-two of anything while they have to fulizia the chuom owner cash to just have a KC 250ml.

The Kupiga set guy

They don’t come as annoying as this. Had this bar-owner friend of mine ranting once about how the place has been full for some hours but the sales are not as it looks. Yep! Some guys just come buy a 300ml soda and wait for Ninjas like @Panyaste to come in two pals and order a mzinga.

Energy Regulation Authority

These ones will make you feel guilty for drinking what you are drinking. Most awkward thing I heard this past week was “Mbona ananunua ‘Black & White’ mzinga na anaweza chukua ‘Best’”. These parrots will keep on yapping and yapping about how you spend your drinking budget. You would think they shared in your work-schedule and own a part of your salary. Oh sijui oh…anakujanga na dem yake wanadishi kuku choma na mimi hawezi niachia kachupa …ohh sijui oh

These are bad people and should be in concentration camps.

Msee pls usiwai ni mention kwa upuss kama hizi…sawa?

Ukiwa kwa sinatabu Hakuna mtu atasumbua wewe.


Last warning…meffi ya doggy ilidedi last year. Rudi mashada


Sadness of life…     :D:D:D:Dumenikumbusha mbali sana
Hapa umedescribe backstreet drinking dens where @Motokubwa burns cows anus outside:D:D

yaani turii ya ng’ombe ni delicacy?:oops::oops:

Yes,mugarùrù…I don’t know if that’s the correct spelling