Bad boys will get you killed ladies:Breanna Taylor Drug Cartel Part 4

If you finna be a thug, just be one and get some heavy duty assault and security to protect you coz drug trafficking is a da business if you won’t get killed by the popo, your rival gang will kill you. If you are a square like me, who can’t even tell a miraa tree if it fell on me. Don’t mix. Utakufa bure and then the feds will dig up all your dirt and put it out there to descreate whatever is left of your memory. Dating criminals is always a bad idea. You will die b4 them bcz they are veterans.

For those who dunno what a trap house is, here’s a documentary.

@Hot Chocolate!

Here is a 41 page report on your angel nurse Brianna aka Griselda the Cocaine godmother. I told you these nurses ain’t shit. They rob old people, abuse them and steal babies to traffic from maternity, rape patients with 99% burns, impregnate women in comas, the only nurses I love and venerate are nuns. Hawa wengine like Seth Panyako. No thanks, wacha nikakufie kwa hao in peace,imagine finding Seth Panyako is your nurse. God forbid. Your choice of leadership says alot about your IQ. Awhile back a nurse was almost killed by relatives of a deceased patient after breaking the news badly to them. Now you are here defending a gangster? She was probably stealing morphine from were a she worked shetani.

@Simiyu22 I thought according to you DEA cannot conduct a 4 year operation? Wapi ule mwingine wa you don’t know how the system works. I’ve given my corroborating evidence that this whore was running a drug cartel with her exes. Where’s yours to say any different.

Nurses who want more money, I know you can even take money to kill but if you want to be a drug baroness, this is Compulsory reading or watching or listening. The most successful drug baroness. Say her name Grizelda Blanco. Not Breonna Taylor very low IQ. She thought being a drug dealer ni kama kiosk ya mamake? Shine on your way, how many people died bcz of her drug cartel. I can’t sugar coat bcz she’s black or a woman. Wembe ni ule ule. Live by the sword. DIE BY THE SWORD. And make no mistake profiteering from drug addiction is mass murder, wewe na Hitler hakuna difference. Let’s stop canonizing a drug dealer she got what was coming to her. The love of easy money is the root of all evil ama namna gani my fren chief chef, I mean chief nurse @Purple, you know when I was in Prophet Owuors church I attended an altar with a pastor who was a nurse. A Luo mama. That mama I envy whoever she was nursing coz she was so motherly and she was a prayer warrior, whether it’s cancer name it, the church was full of Indians who had been healed of cancer who fully sponsor a children’s home. Do you know how hard it is for Indians and moslems to convert bcz of isolation and stigma? I don’t know if God did not get the memo that women preachers should not have healing gifts or preaching gifts. That is one nurse I really respect. Not pretenders wengine we know .

Learn from the real gangster women how it’s done.

This is Griselda Blanco surviving son. Drug trafficking is no joke.

Freeway Rick Ross the guy who exposed the CIA for dumping crack in black neighborhoods to get money for war.

@Hot Chocolate! @Simiyu22 I am going to bed hope to find a dossier debunking the 44 page report since 2016 on Breonna Taylor’s drug trafficking activities. Or forever hold your peace. Stop turning hardcore criminals into martyrs. Drug dealing is a capital of fence in some country so I don’t know what it is that you are defending. And on that high note b4 I drop the mic, here’s a song for you and black lives matter fanatics. Pink Floyd was a gangster who was high of PCP, do you know what people on PCP are capable of? Stop venerating thugs bcz they’re black.

Where do you get info that Breonna Taylor was a nurse?

In Kenya, you are a doctor, nurse or clinical officer, the rest are details

I have no intention of debunking your delusion but I’ll entertain you with this below
[SIZE=7]US officer ‘pulled random people over and planted meth inside their cars, causing them to lose their freedom, their children, their marriages’[/SIZE]

Zachary Wester charged with 52 counts of false imprisonment, racketeering, fabricating evidence and possession of illegal drugs
The meth seemed to appear out of thin air.
Benjamin Bowling couldn’t figure it out. He had been clean ever since his release from prison on a DUI conviction, but now a Jackson County, Florida, sheriff’s deputy was accusing him of possessing a minuscule amount of methamphetamine.
It was October 2017 and Mr Bowling was on his way to the store to pick up diapers with his friend Shelly Smith when they saw the flashing lights swirl in the rearview mirror.

He had been out of prison for less than a year, doing everything he could to get his life back on track.

He passed all his drug tests. He had recently been awarded custody of his daughter. But deputy Zachary Wester was escalating a traffic stop for swerving over a white line into a search for illicit drugs.

Mr Wester who was fired last September, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with 52 counts of racketeering, false imprisonment, official misconduct, [SIZE=6]fabricating evidence[/SIZE] and possession of controlled substances, among other charges.

He is accused of indiscriminately targeting innocent drivers and hauling them off to jail after planting meth or marijuana in their vehicles while feigning a search.

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