Bad ass China

Yaani China is building 1000 capacity bed hospital in SIX fucking days!!!..Kenyatta hospital has 1800 bed capacity
Surprisingly also the hospital is an emergency project in response to the virus


God loves Kenya …
That’s why the Coronavirus started in shaina … they have the means to control and get rid of it.
Sisi tunapewa Locusts …

We are spraying them bwana engineer.

I find them amazing people. They are transforming Kenya as we see. GOK should give them all road construction contracts because local contractors build roads that fall apart in a few months.

Instead of bringing them into the food chain.
Turn them into animal feed for their protein.
And then we eat the resulting well fed poultry, pigs, dairy …
They are also a delicacy among certain communities.

Kudos to China…I hope they colonise Kenya so that we can have actual development and less talk.

A good source of protein which mixed with feeds can give cows higher milk content…

Win win situation for all … EXCEPT THE LOCUST.

When it is another race, the inner hitler in these chinks comes out.

Spraying them na sasa zimefika as far as Turkana heading to Uganda and South Sudan.
Kwani mnazispray na doom?

Zinapigwa marashi

Imagine Thika road bado haina pothole inaelekea 10 years now after completion.

Bolting the door after the horse has bolted, we must justify using the supplementary budget.

Hapo sidhani ikienda sana 700, 1800 labda watu wanashare vitanda na kulala kwa floor