Bad accident Mombasa road - kagege @meria muti should be jailed

Why is @Meria Mata being jailed? What’s the story here?

Imagine dying in a foreign country as a tourist!

Looks like he’s still alive.

we die every time…foreign country ni siasa…world is ours and everything in it

how do you assume he was not the one ferrying goods…hakuna tuoir hapo…

I struggled to spell touir…ni french for looking for fcuks

Death is death, where you die should be the least of your concerns.

Imagine dying in a foreign country as a slave

Msedes lost control landed on tour van

Hii ndio chombo ua mdau:D:D:D

Me najua Msedes ni NJuang’a msee.

That’s one sturdy frame.

imagine imagine…alafu

@Freyja mambo

Mbona huyu mjamaa anakuita kagegee Mdau?

Niko fiti.
Je wewe ?

ile stuff ulisemaje @Freyja ? Nipigie picha ueke kwa inbox, I will smell it from there.

Elder ulifika kwa kina @Jimit na @Agwambo

Nusa makende yako mkuu


:D:D I think I was too aggressive hun.
Watu waliingia mitini.