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Na kweli hawa watu wa jabass UDA wanakula

Sakaja and his helmet looking hairline is the worst thing that happened to Nairobi, by the end of his 5 years Nairobi will be beyond repair.

I have been to this site. They building 4 or 5 blocks of 19-15 floors each. Shida ni hazina holding i.e that mabati you see surrounding a construction site and since they being built next to some estate called KMA, if anything falls it lands on the roof or compound.very dangerous. NEMA should go investigate

Sema hoarding mara mbili omwami!

Ala it’s holding wewe. Nways you understand what am talking about. But that lady has lied about the plot being a market. It initially belonged to owners of an estate called south end. They sold the undeveloped portion.