Back with a Bang

She is back with a BANG and Special Offer … :D:D


Good Morning Friends and Followers :sparkles::sparkles:

I think it’s time for a giveaway after all the support and encouragement that I’ve received from all of you…
Soooo, …
I’m doing a GIVEAWAY of KSh 5000/- to two MOTHERS to celebrate our Afrosensuality as we count down to MOTHERS DAY on Sunday 10th May 2020.
The Yoni is the Portal through which we become Mothers and it should be celebrated.
I’m a mother of Three Beautiful Children who were created through SEX…NEWSFLASH
I enjoy maintaining myself as a sensual woman even in motherhood.
You can nominate yourself, it doesn’t matter if you are a single mother, divorced, or married.
Our Sensuality should be celebrated.
Tag your lady friends too who deserve to be celebrated.

Riswa! Hizo macho ni mambo biad. Ni kama bado anagawa tu.

She always looks sweaty

Na Hio “Offer” Je … ???


Boss …
It is hard work … :smiley:



wont mind banging that MILF

Aingie gym kwanza aondoe potbelly.

pepo mbaya!!

Boss …
You are at the Back of a Very Long Line … :D:D
Fellows are actually making appointments on her Instagram …
Go see for Yourself …


She is demonic. I resist.

This woman is possessed with a very bad evil spirit. Those eyes are not for a normal human being. She doesn’t look right. She needs to be exorcised.

Chifu kwani hujui Contact lenses?

I know much about contact lenses but there is something else about her face generally. So scary

Those are just Contact lenses …
You can buy all types nowadays …


naeza lipa thao tano nilale na yy usiku nzima. that woman must be having a sweet pussy

Takataka mafwi in my eyes

Again, this lady needs help. Her children are the real victims in this tragedy.