NTV & KTN back, shittyzen n inooro remains shut!

The awful, disgusting, useless, shitty TV stations are mback.

Except for any owned by Macharia.


Mzee. Hii tuliona 1957 ukiwa form 2.


I thought the Anunaki were back…
Disappointed in your false flag click bait.

tumbilee Bitchez like @Maathais be like


Dang! Theyre now discriminating against Kikuyu owned stations ! this ‘govt’ is wack!

Sawa. My bed. Or whatever…

Annunaki tena? mwacheni Guka, just understand the geezer. :D:D:D:D

Old skillet

Local tv propagating NRM hogwash !

They have learnt their lesson

Yes.Nothing is going to change.

not happy until kum kum bhagia airs

Guka what happened to revisiting akina maraga, ama you’re waiting for Uhunye to bark then you echo his sentiments :smiley:

Are you dyslexic?
I always notice you are unable to tag me and it isn’t once or twice or thrice.

I keep telling you that you are too sharp for yourself kijana. What do you think ignoring court orders is all about?

Alzheimer’s ndio inamsumbua

So Kaikai, Madowo and Mijungu arrested themselves (sleeping at Nation Centre), took themselves to court (to get anticipatory bail), then took themselves to DCI (on orders of the court NOT police) only to be told the cops were never interested in them from the beginning and they had committed no offence to warrant arrest.
Things get curiouser and curiouser.

Even tagging you is a problem you may infect me with anti climax syndrome like you have your gf. TV in Muchatha is back . Wacha hasira. It was inevitable.