Back in History (pre 1900s)


Pic 1 - Present Day Nyanza (1901)

Pic 2 - Tumutumu (1899)

Pic 3 - Kericho (1912)

Good stuff!

Inakaa nyanza walikuwa wanakaa free style


Wueh … So thats an adult man moving around with things dangling.
This is how those instagram sluts really look like. i also saw a video of naked women during wartime and tried to scan for instagram material sikupata.

hii maneno ya 6 pack ilitoka wapi?

Ja’luo oh yeah…
Anyways more history


Mzungu had already invented the camera he’s using here. We were basically living like cavemen. Kwanza pic 2. Halafu mtu anasema IQ zetu ziko juu kama mzungu

necessity is the mother of all inventions

Huyo mtoto wa pic 2 amevaa t shirt in 1899?

IQ yetu na mzungu ni the same.If you go to a forest and educate a forest dwellers baby it will learn at the same rate as a mzungu’s. Now if you tried that with a Neanderthal baby, it is not possible.Why didn’t we become as advanced as them.Who knows, maybe there wasn’t a need for that up to now.

No, new evidence suggest the Neanderthals were probably smarter. They had adapted to cold climate better than the guys who came later and their intermarriage with the recent immigrants is what led to the relative success of people who live in the northern hemisphere.

Mnaonaje hizo bangles za madame wa Kericho!

@747Captain when not at the ️ Ni ufisii tuu

:D:DVery PC way to say it.

In picture 2, what kind of fabric is that?



Kwani unadhani @pseudonym hakufanya research kabla ahame? :smiley:

The data was freely available for comparison


hahahahaha, mimi ni mpole bro