Bachelor/ MGTOW life hacks

How does one live a good life as a bachelor in Nairobi apart from the following hacks

  • get a a good cleaner to come 2x a week to cook and clean
  • find a good laundry company to do laundry
  • have 2-3 women on rotation every 2 days
  • own a nice ride and a well furnished apartment in a nice area.

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The first two are the main deals. Getting women to come for sex will just happen. Cleaning ndio huleta ngori sana till you start missing your EXES alafu una blunder

Buy a mop.
Buy a washing machine and dishwasher.
Make more money.
Be a better man. I


you dont need a cleaner these days with these items in your house. unless you live in a dusty neighbourhood that will necessitate dump dusting, having a cleaner for a bachelor pad is nonsensical.

Just get a washing machine; washer and dryer combo.

na watu kama @johntez addi gaza msafi wafanyeje?

I used to think this way until I realised that I can’t clean and dust the house the way a cleaning lady does, plus it wastes time I can better spend elsewhere.
Labda kwa bedsitter

I cannot clean my house and compound alone. I will do a very shoddy job. Cleaning ladies clean some areas I would never have thought of

Haha, dishwasher ya nini, TF? A cleaning lady once a week is all you need and a well stocked fridge. Forget about women, focus on your purpose, fix yourself and go out on the weekend if you must but moderate the alcohol. Everything else will align.

fully automatic washing machine. (full stop).

Agreed, keep away from random puuussy and alcohol as much as you can. Keep the fridge stocked, playlist updated and the financial pins secret and everything else falls in line. Oh and keep talking to your parents as often as you can.

You nailed it. Pombe tuwache kabisa.

Hii kuforget about women can only work if you are naturally very low on testosterone…maybe ungesema awachane na random hookups venye @Brayo44ki amesema

i blocked that gayy guy by the name @Brayo44ki. He’s got a dirty smelly ass