BabyMama dramas


Mkishaa dinyana mzae, kwisha! Y’all are stuck together…for life!

Sijui kwanini hiyo Avatar yako inakaa kama anataka kutoa hotuba ya pawa…then we find this mharo.

Izo baby mama Drama zime ni waste mbaya. I lost two potential wives in the hands of a lousy baby mama… Nsawa tu

mutu mufupi. juu chinj Adidas

*bad omen signs…little kid is doing a gang signature pose, mother dressing up like a hooker in front of the kids.

That’s not a gang signature sign. Come onnnn!

So, that guy got time to match up all his dressing with his son and daughter. They also got the time to pose and look at the camera. Meanwhile, the so called ‘unwanted bitch’ is gazing somewhere out of focus, wondering why life deals such tough luck, especially at her.

The guy would rather a cactus plant grew right under her feet and replaced her as work of art after all she is rough, dressed to expose her naked self, her vulnerability.