Babylon the great has totally gone to the dogs


Woke sailors. On a serious note. Historically, the gayest gay people are found on ships. Sailors are historically the spawn of gayshipness in America, which had the biggest navy in the history of the world by numbers.

Peoples bedrooms should be the least of your concerns Mr. Attorney

Generally, homosexuality is the order of the day in the military especially when they go to war for long periods. But highlighting it this way is not good

National military appreciation month wanakutana siku moja ya shamrashamra…faggets have a whole month,everyday,pissing the shït out of everybody

speaking of attorneys, there was a comment by some law professor during an interview on Al Jazeera about the US allowing homos in the military which I thought was hilarious.

if you were in a foxhole with your squadron member, would you be more comfortable if he was watching your back or rubbing your back?

Your statement is hypocritical. If peoples’ bedrooms should be the least of our concerns, why the fvck is a whole month dedicated for celebration of their "sexuality"?

The military is a “place” where life and death are real possibilities. There is no room for sexuality.

You either have a military force, or flower girls.


As UMK put it: It’s a non-issue

Yeah sure. I would never deiberately enter a closed space of around 200M by 100M with gaylords on steroids