Baby obsession

Whats with this obsession women have with babies??

You meet a lady, have great chemistry and then when you busy banging, bitch tells you to cum inside since she wants a baby.

Today some bitch who works in HR almost hitting the wall just walks to me and casually tells me that he wants to get a baby by me. Reason being am tall and he wants tall kids tf is that. She even went ahead and told me that my involvement with the kid is me banging her and cumming inside only. She will take care of the kid.

And NO I ain’t going to fuck that bitch.

Kwani wasichana wa saa hii wamefika hiyo level…

motherhood is inevitable …ask Njoki Ndungu

You are being trapped fool… be ready to split salary…

what is going on there?

.Trust your instinct.

Looks like someones alimentary canal is about to come into contact with anothers reproductive system…

Issa trap

Stop complaining, just relax, organize, mobilize then mwaga vitu ndani! Alas, kwani iko nini?

How exactly are the two of you planning on doing that?

Kids are a gift from heaven, yes! But we spend spend spend on Dec holidays for those in our true families and from elsewhere to show that we care. Then comes January fees and all sh!t unalipia na unaingia waks by O7 of Jan. This far huna deni ya mtu and it’s like you’ve sorted everything until some guy decides to give you a post dated cheque for goods and/or services delivered na since it’s an in house biz, you expect that by the due date ie 16th Jan utakua mtu pesa. Shock on me, cheque inaruka, guy goes mteja na msito juu hajazoea kuingia mapema inabidi atulie na konyagi akiwaza what now till end of the damn month coz you won’t count on this maafaka for now. He’s reliable and a regular but maybe he overspent but you still need him

Wa-mum…I disregard the typo hapo juu. Be very wary of a woman who wants a baby with you and has told you blatantly and yet you do not seem to be lovers.
Else it will be baby daddy/mamma manenos soon. Tsk she works in HR. Soma label.


Tall mnyambo everywhere


Baby Rabies

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Anachunishwa kales :smiley:

Wakubwa acheni jokes hiyo ni typo

Ama ulikua unajiadvertise? Si utafte an all female forum