Baby Momma Drama

I don’t know how I found this mama’s channel but boy am I hooked. Even HBO isn’t this scintillating. She gave birth to her 9th child and is now tracking or spying on the husbands phone after he left her 7 months prego.


Vuruta stool. Karibu pizza.

Here is the nigga. Huyu mama amevumilia Mengi.

You seem to relate to her predicament … kweli/rongo ?

Hatuoi na hatuzalishi



If I could relate haingekua so fascinating. You are a broke ass, do you like watching two broke girls? It’s only shocking when you can’t relate. You guys don’t tell me that you don’t love watching pples lives that’s full of drama. At first I was feeling sorry for her but now it’s bcm comical. Mimi hata ukiniongelesha mbaya I delete your everything and block you. Kwani ni nini unasaidia nayo? Are you feeding me? I COMPLETELY can not relate how one woman can put up with all this. Sasa huyu ameachiwa 3kids of this guy. Wen she’s heavily prego and she’s still tracking him. And calling his gfs. Mtu mwenye hakuna kitu anamsaidia nayo? Kama hio sio kichaa I don’t know what is. Yaani all she’s been thru with men instead of raising her kids she still keeps going back for more mess. Her tolerance for men’s bullshit blows blows blows my mind. Yall how is this even possible?

This is baby daddy number 2.The one who gave her twins

This is, I dunno baby daddy number what she’s talking about here. I’ve lost track yall. Mababy daddies ni wengi mno.

DNA testing? Wah! This kids done seen it all.

She’s trending among black female vloggers too right now

This was 2 kids ago, we are now on 9 going on 10. Dunno Wea this stops? 15 or 20? Ama hii ndio kukuwa alfa femail. You fill the world with your kids.

Gotta respect her strength though… Even though her judgment wen it comes to men sucks, she’s a great mom