Baby momma drama as naked woman stab! 2yr old infant and eats her intestines

Surprisingly she looks perfectly normal in court. Men be careful how you are spreading your seed. You can imagine watching and filming your own child being stabbed over and over by your exe.

As I always tell you here, most psychos are or were married folk. Many people can’t handle the for worse part of the relationship but they just want to fit in so they go along until it comes to this.

niaje chimpanzed :D:D

Si ata wewe ukate nyap yako uikule?

She followed your advice and exterminated the chimpanzee at a manageable age.

Junguuu is best.Chimpanzee woman will stab and eat her own child.Even chimpanzees dont eat their children.Junguu all the way.

Finish that sheboon

This is why I warn women to zalia junguu, getting a chimpanzees kid will turn a good woman into a psycho. Leaving you to raise his photocopy chimpanzee as he’s enjoying life. Chungeni sana.

This is a comment I saw that says it all

Hawa wanaume wanatudanganya tuwazalie then m2 anaona majukumu yamekuwa mob anatupa mwanamke ndio wanafanya most ladies wa-go through al this coz hakuna day a lady atakuwa happily married then iwe atafanya haya mambo…so according to me,men should be blamed

This is a good comment. Women do suffer from post partum psychosis.

Depression is real… postnatal Depression is real… mental illness is real… every individual deserves to be supported and taken care of… I have had strongest feelings of killing my son since the day he was born. He is 8years now. But thank God a friend directed me to a psychiatrist and I got antidepressants for persistent depression… I started on them 4 years ago and my last phase was October last year. I feel better now. Tho the thoughts reduced from 100% to 2% … and not because I hated my son. I loved and still love him do much. So please support people. People are going through alot of untold stories. And I don’t deny that some are under cult of sort. Myself I’m not member of such.

That’s my story. Hope someone pick a lesson

There we have it guys.Its confirmed. @TrumanCapote comes to ktalk and types when depressed.Kindly let’s all be easy on the grandma.My Kapoti,please accept my humble apologies for the stuff I have typed against you.Now that I understand you I feel that it was unnecessary.Pole sana.Wishing you well as you raise your son.Let the father be in his life because we don’t want any addition to the LGBQTRS society.And you must know that for the father to have disappeared to Meru forest kuna ka character flani uko nayo yenye inaudhi so be careful coz hata ukipata jungu ndio best bado atapotea Germany forest.