Baby killers finally arrested

Again Gulf exposes the dark underbelly of the Kenyan society. What kind of a country does a toddler get tortured and murdered alafu ukienda police station they nonchalantly ask you for a bribe and refuse to assist you if you are not giving them cash. A woman who killed her own Dota 4yrs ago still out and has killed again. We need another level of prayers for God to transform our society starting from the family unit, mambo ya watoto wadogo sana kuachwa so that mum’s go to hustle for years in Gulf… If right now in the states adoptive parents are being charged for the murder of 2 toddlers, nobody can take care of your child better than you. Kids are too vulnerable to just be given to other people to take care of. @Finest wine thanks for tagging me on this. Imagine it took uproar on social media to get the culprits arrested for such a heinous act to a baby. This country needs heavy duty prayers.

I don’t know what to say about our women going to the Gulf. Coz each of them always has a sad story…and it always has to do with their hubbies and their relas.
This Maureen was earning 24k in Saudi…while her kids were being mistreated back home. And why could’nt the hubby look after the kids…1st of all why did he not ask questions when the Njeri womna did not turn up for the graduation?
BTW, I have a feeling you have not watched this whole story…have you?
Maureen was better off working as a housemaid in Kenya earning 10k…awache hubby na watoto…so that she can visit them on her off days.
But in Kenya women are not supposed to earn bread when the man babysits. We have a long way to go boys and girls before we realise that our children are very important people and no one can raise them like ourselves.

Men in Kenya do not babysit. They treat children like crypto nite. Its too much responsibility for a man to take care of his own children. He’ll offload them to the moms and sisters and maids and girlfriends. I’ve known a few men who have been left with their kids. They are always looking for where to offload them. They will even let the devil take responsibility if she’s available.

Too much pain in the Gulf stories.


It will be tough for a Kenyan man to babysit. It’s a cultural thing. Also kids are a lot of work. They have unlimited energy.

I pride myself as a Liberal Free Thinker and Libertarian…

But I draw the line with Terrorists , Serial Killers, Child Molesters , Human Trafficking (slavery) and Organ Harvesters …

Without blinking , I support Capital Punishment without exception …


:D:DAmelenga hapo. I was really waiting for her analysis on the sequence of events. I know for a fact hajasikiza.:smiley:

Wajameni:mad:afathali hungesema hanaything…:mad:.

Looking after the children is a woman’s responsibility.

Sio kupenda kwangu the lady was too emotional from the clip at the beginning so I was afraid to watch. I don’t want to watch a mother narrate how her kid’s nails were removed. It looked traumatizing. So infact I have not even watched it at all but rather analysis and commentaries about it.

:D:DI knew it. It is not good to give an analysis of a video you have not watched. The video was not about gory details as such. It was more about Maureen’s sad background and what led her where she is right now…the loss of a child under sad preventable circumstances.
Arresting Njeri and her fellow vampire…one Mr Ngui is not the end of it. We need the DCIs who asked for chai arrested, we want the caretaker/landlady arrested, we need the mortuary attendants at Mama Lucie arrested pronto. Sick sick sick society.