Baby Daddies in the house if you died today would your baby momma cry like this

Ama atuthrow virtual bash on Zoom with her gfs coz she can’t even wait for Corona to isha? And be like, never thought the day would come, it couldn’t have come a second too soon for me

soo sad

whatever happened to the values of humanity and thats why we are spreading animosity!!

The cynical part of me says this is for show. Dude was living with a different woman when he died.

But this one has a daughter with the guy. Itabidi alie because the financial settlement coming is gonna be good. The last payout for a woman that was killed was 20M.

Jojina, I think she is faking it. Ameona dollar sign…the look in the little girls’ eye tells it all. She knows she was not seeing her daddy as she ought to.

The woman you see crying there is the latest millionaire in town she sole beneficiary lots of millions coming her way tax free.