Which institution hasn’t this guy attacked yet? Malizaneni Na regular police kwansa. GSU wako Tu vako pale base. Wanajeshi hata hawajui kenye kinaendelea. Watafanya kuambiwa. Kenya is a country of rules. Follow the law. Ikiwa hutaki utakutana Na Team Bring It.


Afisa, apana pandisa sukari.

i am alternating between feeling really sorry for Hon. Raila and really angry at him. I used to really dislike his bland of divisive and hypocritical politics but i don’t like to see him so diminished.


Am just informing villagers who might think that rioting is a right. Since the big announcement was said to be tomorrow.

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please God in heaven, touch Raila. Have mercy on him and his followers. may he not lead the very people who love him so much to death.


He is still grappling with the fact that we lost the election, soon he will get an epiphany that conceding defeat is the ultimate plan for him


Kwa nini mliiba kura ?

Announcement will be like the charade we were treated to during endorsing of Raila as a flag bearer.

Here is what will be announced tomorrow.

  1. Raila will not accept results
  2. He will admonish IEBC on fraud and mention computers, algorithm
  3. He will say Jubilee stole the elections and he’s the rightful president
  4. For emotional effect, Msando, the 6 month old baby and the 6 year old will be mentioned
  5. Mungiki and law enforcement could feature
  6. Mention NGO and civil society (related to 4 and 5)
  7. Repeat that system should be audited by UN
  8. We shall learn whether court is an option

Ie. Only new information I’m expecting is #8


you seriously believe the maniac is thinking about you or Kenya?

Si tukutane Na admin wa hii group akisema tiarara plz. AMA Teeeh

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oh God, your kind of people are the ones encouraging him to lead his people onto suicide by police. you know his defiance only means more death to his followers. why would you do this?


This is the problem. These idiots actually believe that they won the election.


Sasa solution ya hilo swali ni kupeana watoto wa kina mama for funeral service? Ok, keep it up


Wewe na @gashwin have started having a perfect prediction of babuon. Tomorrow I expect him to say western countries have been given contracts to favour Jubilee.


Imagine. they had agents at every polling center. walikamuliwa roho safi.


i expect him to further castigate the millitary then call for mass action of which Kibra,mathare and the rest will be on lock down


apana itikia hii maneno ikumalize

Skiza hio and have good speakers…put on loud!

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Naona uko na taste ya epic music. Try hans zimmer au audio machine.

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I don’t expect him to understand or accept. Advd he’s definitely not moving on. Yenye inanishangaza ni hao wenzake ? What do they hope to gain from this ? They are making sure Kenyans only associate them with violence.

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He really is a big disappointment !