Babuon vs General mwitu(mm)

@Nattydread hehehehe, as you have been saying, 48 laws of power at play!


sasa general mwitu atafanya nini na amesharukwa??

Raila clearly knows Miguna is silently taking over from him.

Ahsante @Young and @Meria Mata.

Nobody can upstage goD. Give Miguna 3 weeks and see him do a new 180, especially after Orengo, Amollo, Havi, Khaminwa and the other penguins have been told in no uncertain terms that representing him pro bono is affronting Baba. Already, the favourable judicial climate is eroding, with Odunga having been moved out of Nairobi, and Kimaru most likely under instructions to stop using his court as a NASA rallying point.

Miguna cannot mount a sensible legal battle from Toronto.

this will be very interesting, miguna will be left alone in the battle field but fighting for what?

MMNN ni mharo news

Raila: We've full confidence in David Ndii and Norman Magaya | Nation

FEBRUARY 19, 2018

My attention has been drawn to reports in sections of the media attributed to Mr. Miguna Miguna claiming that two of the NASA Secretariat staff namely Dr. David Ndii and Mr. Norman Magaya are working for Jubilee Party.
We wish to make it clear that as a coalition, we have full confidence in Dr. Ndii and Mr. Magaya who have dedicated time and resources working for NASA’s course. The allegations against the two, if at all they were made, are very unfortunate and detrimental to the course we are pursuing.
I urge all our supporters to ignore the sentiments and focus on the issues we have set out to address.

Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga.
NASA Coalition

ukitaka kujua MMNN ni mharo news utaona kwa Nation Baba amesema they are allegations and should be ignored , Meriachieth naye anasema ati baba SLAMS miguna

Hehehehehe! General Miguna outlived his usefulness on 30/1/2018, but he doesn’t have a clue.

Google actually gets some their news from MMNN!

Isnt he supposed to sign off as:
People’s Republique du Kenya

Not when he’s disowning his own ‘Commissioner of Oaths’.

Events since that day point to a strategic redefinition of what that ceremony meant. 11 Western ambassadors denounced the swearing-in, and the general was hustled out of the country, leaving clusters of NRM soldiers baying like abandoned dingoes in front of the US embassy.

JaKuon is trying to crawl back to safety.


Is he the President of the People’s Republic of Kenya, or the People’s President of the Republic of Kenya?

MM ndie ako na original copy ya signed oath. Baba alipewa photocopy ilikuwa faint kwa hizi majina. Ianasoma hivi -
Rai_a ding, Pe___e_ _resident of __pub_ic of Ke_ya.