Babu Owino ...


That’s Kenya for u. Meanwhile kuna watu wanaskuma mvua kama 15 ati robbery with violence na saizo ni mtu ali snatch mkate kwa duka.


Ile pressure itawekewa family and friends of DJ Evolve ndio akanyagie this case is going to be a lot. Everybody will turn against DJ Evolve because of the money they will be getting from Babu Owino’s people.
Kesi imeisha


surely Maraga lets get serious no wonder Uhuru sees you as a joker

Monkey Republic

Hold your horses. I hear DJ evolve is in bad shape.

Wah I hope he doesn’t die. Even if it means Babu gets away with the attempted murder

The state is the complainant, even if DJ Evolve suddenly feels messianic and offers the other side of the neck. The case will still progress

Imagine ungekuwa dj evolve, babu release would be a poke to your already fatal wounds.
Pole dj evolve, hii ghaseer italipa tu.

Atarudishiwa gun yake?

This is a problematic (and maybe wrong) ruling. Its almost like the judge is admitting a settlement before the trial. And even then, its a criminal case, not civil. And he is also assuming guilt of the accused.
"In a quite unusual bail ruling, Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi directed that the Ksh.10 million be paid in four installments of Ksh.2.5 million for the next four months. The Magistrate noted that the money will be used to settle the victim’s medical bill with the amount that remains unused serving as bail. ".

"The court was told that at the moment, the victim cannot move his hands and legs. "
So is he paralyzed from the neck down is the first question to ask.

10m Bail and don’t take alcohol…
Me in 10 minutes.

ati zile mzinga ziko kwa nyumba yake ati atatupa

How will they ever know he is drunk. Alcohol dissipates in your body in 4 hours. A test can only detect alcohol if performed within 4 hours of me drinking. So if I drink at 11pm, who will ever know? He will be drinking tonite.
This is a court of public opinion ruling.To appease and clam the public.

:D:D Is anyone surprised here??? Niliwaambia jela ni ya masikini my frens. Engaging in crime is a right that you earn by being rich.

By law, Bail is guaranteed in Kenya. It is your right, just like obtaining a passport is. The judge is present to set the terms.

It is not about the law. It is about the amount. If bail is fixed at 10 million, it just confirms my earlier statement that jail is for poor people.

Definitely if that is the max, then its a problem. It should be tied to your wealth, depending on the crime. So if you are worth 20m, you should come up with 12 m, for example. If you lie to court about your wealth, then it can be revoked.