Mbona watu wanaongea kitu hawajui??

Otherwise ndo izo results Babu is still leading


link? source?


(vi)TUKO is not an independent source just like all those others. In fact hata nation na standard siku hizi nasoma nikiwa na chumvi mingi karibu…

Tuko=vituko…If you believe anything tuko posts you are a cunt

I never trust TUKO. Its full of lies and hogwash stories.

Tuko na daily post hakuna tofauti.

Hii news imekuwa kama sighting of big foot
…it is not possible to find. Wacha tungoje Monday. Jana watu walitukanana sana with different results from all.over the place.


Don’t believe shit till shit happens
~~ Bernie Mac

kitheri media

But post za itumbi na alai mna ziaminia mbaya!!!

He might carry the day

Why the secrecy by the media? Not even one station is concerned to mention it.
Even here nobody has produced a picture or video of the recount.

U really like that word :D:D:D.

sirikali iliwaambia wacheze chini ama wazimiwe station wakatiiiiiiiiiiiiii

I expect Babu to win because in spite of any intimidation, I still think August 8th was the best managed election ever in Kenya. And I believe it applies even to candidates we may personally not like kama Babu na Sonko.

Supreme Court waliturudisha sana btw, for a decision that was hailed internationally, when you question it, you wonder what world they were living in.

It is a court ordered scrutiny, the secrecy will only end when the results are presented in court.