Babu Owino Murder case loading

Condition of the dj deteriorates further. Babu Owino is very stupid, shooting a man at point blank range in an area with cctv then you hide the firearm. This is the result of electing fools. Aombe Mungu wake huyu jamaa asiage otherwise he’ll be joining Joey and Wakina Victor Wanyama in Kamiti. The media should show the man they say is in stable condition. He was shot in the neck and is critical. Sijui akifariki which lie they will tell.

I always support people and nations and politicians who are never moved by adrenaline. Babu acted in haste, and will regret at leisure

He probably didn’t think CCTV would capture him. If you have been in a crowded smoky club you may see why. But the victim is doing well I understand. So Owino lives to clown another day.

This guy should not be free. Let him die in jail


Huyu ni Wanyama mgani juu ule nampatapata ni baller kule London

Watching that clip, I see calm premeditated shooting. Not haste or adrenaline. He does not even put down the shisha or react after the man goes down. Even his security look like they knew what was about to happen. Look at their body language. It’s like the entire thing was planned.

Maybe someone was pressing his privates. I have heard that argument before.

Which victim is doing well? If he was wouldn’t the Kenyan media be all over him? A neck bullet wound sio jokes. Especially at such close range. Anyway Chomodeley shot 3 men and got away with it, I wouldn’t hold my breath that anything will come of this.

Victor wanyama ako kamiti?

Professor Nyasani was shot in the head Na aka survive

So did baby satrine osinya

Feminist keep off the case isikuwe derailed

But vedio evidence is not admissible in Kenyan courts. Again, the “witnesses” were, may be, drunk. Is their evidence reliable?

Eye witnesses?

Na nionyeshe Kwa constitution au statutes where video evidence is inadmissible.

That CCTV footage is admissible, kumbuka wale makanga wa Nazigi who ganged up wakafinger ule dem kwa basi then took a video, that clip earned them life in prison for robbery with violence.

Babu atakua roommate wa Jowie for the next few months.

it’s not written but kuna kesi courts bandia zilitupilia mbali, they ruled video evidence is not admissible , if it’s not struck out jurisprudence maybe applied.

I hope it will be so, but if obado is still walking , we’re doomed, don’t be surprised if “wamama” from embakasi east will demonstrate on Monday near the courts their goon to be released vile he’s a good goon.

I’m curious to know which one. I’ve read in old novels how video and photo evidence is not admissible in court but have never read of a Kenyan case being dismissed because of video or photo evidence.

read through…
You got it on camera, but it is not evidence enough in court | Nation

The case of Moses Kuria tribal attack was dismissed because of video evidence.