Babu Owino Busted

Embakasi East Member of Parliament , Babu Owino has reportedly separated from his wife over cheating allegations.

On Friday afternoon,the controversial legislator is said to have engaged in a bitter exchange with his wife , Fridah Muthoni , after the latter busted him having some good time with a slay Queen in a city hotel.

An angry Fridah Muthoni is said to have confronted Babu Owino and the slay Queen before telling him that he is not the biological father of their last born child, something that the lawmaker did not take lightly.

Efforts to reach out to Babu Owino have proved futile even as a source details that the families of the couple are in the process of reconciling them after Fridah Muthoni admitted that her claim over the paternity of their last born was only triggered by anger due to the infidelity of her husband.

Fridah is a joker…hapa maskini kama ndovu wanakulana nje sembuse mwanasiasa?

Fake news.

Clearly a smear campaign targetting Mbambu Owinyo

Gutter hippo press

Wajaka na wakikuyu should neva marry.


Babu ni mkikuyu Mdau.
Bred in luoland.

You can see it in his physical appearance:
Small body
Very light skin complexion
Pointed nose

Iyo ni mbegu ya pandre


She knew the score when she accepted the ring. Sasa ndio ameona hataki kuishi na philanderer? Kama anataka kutoka aende.

Babu ni Ranjeet na mjaka but khupipi anyenyekee akiowa politician alikua ana expect nini? Ameoa angel?

Huyo dem ni mjaka

Ulikuwa akizaliwa?