Babu Owino Amepiga Ruto Sweep

Babu: Ruto ameshika makende akaona imejaza mkono anataka kudharau nayo baba :D:D:D From 2:40

Some of these guys should just keep quiet.

how did embakasi people vote for such a dude?

Stale news

We don’t owe you any apologies… :stuck_out_tongue:


Wamama hiiiiiiiiii

He cannot help himself for he is a kipii. A kipii is controlled by the crowd reactions and if the crowds are excited he will continue down that line. He could even undress in front of them and run around naked. Hukumbuki Eric Omondi swimming with 9 year old boys fully naked?

Babu and Rao are not so different, they are both activist. An activist will say anything to move the crowd. The same way sonko is a populist just like ruto