Babu Owino Again!!!

He could be a good high school Maths teacher!! I hope he does not carry his guns to class

The fvcker trying to sanitize himself. This is a lost country.

While I and my nephews agree that Maths is the easiest subject why is he not telling us about how the DJ is doing? Nimeenda…

He’s busy buying forgiveness from “kenyans”

Babu has never been an academic dwarf. Shida yake ni kufuatana na welder mtu wa kuchomelea jesus of nyanzareth.

Hihihihi…atapata from Kenyans. Sisi huku nje hatuna huruma. We cannot forget that he shot someone with an aim to kill or maim dangerously.

Ndio maana nimeweka kenyans in quotes. Kuna “kenyans” Watapewa mask , sanitizer , unga then this free mathematics class waseme ni mtu wa kujali ooh my be haiku wa yeye alishoot dj maybe ilikuwa kimakosa.

I think we should prep for a vvv very bumpy ride in 2022. With this kind of leaders we are going nowhere.

I’d like to apologize on behalf of those students who couldn’t get laptops or smartphones to follow my tutorials is nonsensical English.

He meant apologize to…

But anyway let him do his thing. Sociopaths are gonna sociopath

Juzi jalango hosted him kwa youtube channel yake… when he was asked about dj evolve he said he has bn released from hospital but juu ya korona he is still held up in the hospital… This asshole has nerve to say he has forgiven himself for shooting dj evolve and some stupid kenyan wako uko kwa comment section butt kissing.

Ojinga mingi mathema ticks, mathema ticks…
Si huyu mtu alitumia mika 10 kwa campus?

Mathema ticks gani hii?:oops::rolleyes::meffi:

Sasa aweke recurrent sequence and difference equations tuongee

Difference equations ni gani hiyo?


Frustrated haters air their dirty failures in public…Look at yourselves here…Babu Owino is somewhere Living Life… :stuck_out_tongue:


Baba is the most powerful politician in Kenya and nobody can ignore that. It’s not a mystery that Babu like many politicians is hanging under Baba’s coat. Baba is the only politician in Kenya who has given a real headache to three seating presidents and gotten away with it. Through his brainless supporters countrywide, he can wreck havoc to the economy. Try ignoring him at your own peril.

No one denies that Babu is loaded. The point here is that he has ghosts that he is trying to exorcise. Most recently the DJ shooting saga. Babu is a popular/populist young man who knows that he can’t risk loosing his popularity despite his hooligan behaviour. He is trying to endear himself back to the public through these small acts of benevolence.

Many are already praising him on his FB page and calling him a great leader. Kenyan fools are not in shortage

Wewe unakuanga mortuary attendant au nini??

Umekufa nikujie maiti yako?

Babun Owino kweli.

Tru. Maths is the easiest subject