Baba, The 5th, meets ambassadors

The ambassadors paid a courtesy call on the 5th. Mwenye macho anajionea. As murathe said, dalili ya mvua ni mawingu. Kenya is too important to be left to sudi, terrorists and thieves.


[COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]Jane Marriott ni mali safi.
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[COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]Siwez mind kuliPWA 200

Even of they carry him up on their shoulders, he is like gun with no bullets

The whole world is showing you that Kenya is too important to be left to sudi, terrorists and jambaz sugu.

Not a single mask in sight

:smiley: ‘lenye miraba minne’ as you say it. They are all thieves, with jayden being a generational thief. Let them tell us what they will do to revive the economy they have destroyed rather than telling us so and so is a thief.

Yaani baba huwa mbilikimo na vile huwa anasumbua?

Lets wait to see if the Beba Baba Ikulu vehicle will be fuelled next week.

Selling Kenya to the highest bidder.

Too early. Strong alliances ni next year.

Jungus are tall as fuckk.

Easy access to high protein diet during childhood prevents stunted growth.

Huku vumbistan Kuna a lot of protein defeciency sana

True hapa Kenya average male height is around 5’7 and Nigeria is around 5’5. In most Europe especially Netherlands, UK, Croatia, Germany, Belgium average is 5’11 …only Africans who can rival them are our South Sudanese brothers

South Sudan and easy access to high protein diet during childhood … Mmm … Prof. hebu saidia tafadhali …



When having meetings with diplomats it does not necessarily mean that they endorse you, they are sizing you up and looking at how well you grasp issues and your character, Raila is looking for international support and to prove himself to them,however he is not as sharp as they come, so they give back the same report to their leaders.

Never seen seen a short swede except madem

I’ll vote for Ruto.


Mbilikimo wote wanasumbua maze, everywhere