Baba singing melancholic song

Sad to say am on my,
I won’t be back for many a day,
My heart is down;my head is turning around…

He should have stuck to music and football commentary

Bona unachukia huyu mzee na alifinywa BALLS tupate multi party and other freedoms you are taking for granted?
Kama hamkumpigia kura let him be chief .
He was trying his luck like we all do in different things . Hakuna haja ya kumchukia hivo na ni kiongozi wetu tu Kama hao wengine.

Boss, I’m sick of this “he suffered for our freedom” nonsense. There were others like Kenneth Matiba who also suffered. Others were killed. Akina Wangari Mathai were getting their hair pulled half naked. Raila was in KANU until last minute when he realized Moi was going to endorse Uhuru in 2002. How was the 1982 coup democratic after only 4 years of Moi presidency. Everything Raila has done is out of lust for power not driven by altruistic motives for future generations. Jeez, just look at undemocratic ODM nomination process.
Githeri media & Bonobos here talk about him like he is A. Lincoln or JFK. Such leaders have at least left behind memorable speeches and quotes, can you please share even one memorable inspirational speech from baba after 40 years of yapping. He’s most memorable sayings history will remember are useless mnyambos like “can’t stop the reggae” “NDANI NDANI NDANI” “Tibim”

Ninja , av simply told chifu mbuta that he has no reason to hate the old man .he was trying his luck like all those you have just stated . No one is a saint .

Unfortunately there are many who are quick to deify him as the lone saint of Kenyan democracy.

Those are fools . I respect the man for he has tried just like matiba . Not worship since if he stands with uncle kalonzo I will waste my vote on melon .

For real, everytime the foreign press mention his name they always have to conclude by reminding us he is the “father of Kenyan democracy”. I’m always left scratching my head like did I miss something.

Pole bro. It was just on a light note. I know his great contributions to democracy in Kenya

Thank you!