Raila Amolo Odinga must win this coming election,team NASA we r there not joking at all

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Iko watu hapa wanadhani ile wizi yao ya 2013 itarudiwa huu mwaka.


Keti hapa na ngombe mwenzako


@admin @Mundu Mulosi @Deorro inaonekana mmelala.

her tits she should cum them

NV? Wtf! Ukitumia ‘must’ kwani u own the ballot?.. Its high time we mature up n stop incitin’… If it aint about peace then NV potea

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In a free and fair election,Babuon will not get more than 4.5M votes. The worst thing you are doing is banking on a majority who Jubilee has compromised and which ODM has single handedly screwed. I have three examples…Jubilee will get more votes than it did in 2013 in the whole of former Lower Eastern,Coast and Western provinces.

When you hear that Raila Odinga isn’t ready for election believe it. It will be such an overwhelming defeat that will render him useless and irrelevant here at home or his pan Africanism shiet. You see Kenyans have started embracing politics of maturity and development. And the youth factor coming in,Babuon knows that the end is near.


You people dont know what you are celebrating both rwnbp and uotp, but nitaweka thread on date 7/8/2017.
Both…, …

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In both scenarios,Simba one has an upper hand. Na Asha declare…nusu mkate hakuna!!!

Kuna mtu atapita katikati yao, we kwanza toka mombasa there are people in boni forest waiting for the first matchstick to strike


DO we have an airstrip near Bondo? Our son is coming home soon hehehehehehehe

it’s very simple. RWNBPORK. Na tusibishane

Na hizo initials zinanaamisha?

Tutasema na tutazidi kusema
RWNBP means Raila Will Never Be President
UOTP means Uhuru One Term President

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NV whats your regular handle kwanza.

Ningekuambia uwache muhahe lakini ni vyenye



How can they let such a post survive…???tandika mtu equator

Asante V

VE umeamka!!

Niaje regional manager. Wacha watu wayibambe

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