Baba n dynasties

He says that Kenyatta, Oginga and Moi families are not dynasties but ordinary Kenyans.
Sema kutubeba wana

Help translate his concluding remarks …

Niaje mzito

Nimeskia ningekua Kabarak ningempatia RKO

Raila forgave moi for political mileage. Handshaked with Uhuru for political mileage, and will auction kenyans for power and political mileage

A rumour is never confirmed until it is denied. Baba has just confirmed to us that he is part of the dynastic cartels…and BBI may not change that perception, naona Baba akihepa Uhuru before election time!

I agree with him not being a dynasty. I mean, did dad was VP for only 2 and a half years before being kicked out. How does that compare with Kina Uhuru whose dad was presso for 15 years, kina Gidi whose dad was VP for 4 years and prezzo for 24 years? Basi tutafute watoto wa Joseph Murumbi or the broke Kijana Wamalwa’s kids who can’t afford school fees currently then brand them dynasties as well.

Foolish orangutan detected

Moi was VP for 11 years not 4 years.

Ata mimi nimeona iyo kitu bado inamwasha

RIP Moi.

Thank you KDF and top military brass for restoring protocol in our national events. A few civil servants artificial egos and horns got pruned this last two weeks. It started with death of Moi while President Uhuru was in the usa. He informed DP Uncle Ruto to read his statement to the nation. He also tasked him to form the state funeral committee. He picked on Head of the civil service Kinyua to head it. Military was an automatic pick as Nyayo being former head of Republic. General Mwatate restored protocol order in all the funeral events. At the front and back rest rooms where dignitaries rested. Those CS’s who walk casually with the President got thrown back to go wait in the cabinet sections. The military went as far as to enforce RECCE squad motorcades to respect protocol. Pole matiangi, I think you will not want to see a military uniform again soon.

Those living on those fake system narratives just got shown that matters of state are best left to UhuRuto. Remember President Uhuru didn’t believe on OP reports of Nyayo stadium preparation and decided to take a small escort and drive himself there to go inspect it. Same day he asks for Jubilee PG chaired by DP to take place for this Friday. It has been postponed yesterday after UhuRuto saw that its too soon after the funeral.

These were his words (Raila).

“Dismissing the dynasty tag on him, Gideon Moi and Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila said the Constitution allows everyone to seek elective positions regardless of their family backgrounds.

“What is a dynasty? What did Moi inherit? Moi struggled… His children are also struggling like any other Kenyan,” he said amid cheers from the mourners.

“Just like Uhuru is also struggling like any other Kenyan, so is Raila,” he said adding that no leader is entitled to anything for being a son of Kenyan leaders.”

Uhuru and Raila are struggling just like any other kenyan??!

the guilty are always tense n jittery. here fake barber has confirmed to all n sundry that he is afraid of uliam.
he brought the dynasty theme in funeral a procession to create n whip emotion between the dynasty vs william.
just imagine how uhuru, gideon, mudavadi and raila feel that a person who is unknown can lead them

Raila always loses because he’s a FOOL

Man Giddy has to fight his own political battle now especially in Rift Valley


Hehehe, kweli wametuchukua kama wajinga!!
Gideon and his father treated Kenya as their personal property now he wants a second chance to finish what kibaki built???

Is Nick Ruto, VP’s son a dynasty?