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[SIZE=6]Ex-President Daniel Moi flown to Israel for medical check-up[/SIZE]

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[li]Reports indicate has been taken to a hospital in Tel Aviv following a discomfort on his knee.[/li][li]Mr Moi’s last public appearance was on October 26, 2017.[/li][li]On January 27, 2017 the former president underwent a minor surgery on his knee at the Aga Khan University Hospital.[/li][/ul]
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Former President Daniel arap Moi has been flown to Israel for a medical check-up.
In a statement sent to newsrooms, from the former head of State’s office said Mr Moi has been booked at a hospital in Tel Aviv for a checkup on his knee which has been giving him discomfort.
“Mzee Moi is accompanied by his physician Dr David Silverstein and his son Senator Gideon Moi,” the brief statement read.
The former head of State has not been in active in politics in the recent past and has been out of the limelight.
In brief statement senator Moi said: “The old man is not feeling well. He will go for medical check-up. So, he needs your prayers as he leaves the country.”
He said that the 93-year-old former president will visit historical sites in Jerusalem.
Mr Moi’s last public appearance was on October 26, 2017 where he cast his vote at Kabarak University polling station during the repeat presidential election.
However, unlike other voters, the former head of State voted from his car with a polling clerk assisting him cast his ballot.
He has been meeting delegations at his Kabarak home.
Notable among the visitors is President Uhuru Kenyatta and his mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta.
On January 27, 2017 the former president underwent a minor surgery on his knee at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi.
The problem begun on July 30, 2006 after a crash while riding his Range Rover vehicle which collided with a pick-up vehicle at the Rukuma view point in Limuru.

Write your reply…Quick recovery to mzee, it’s a blessing to attain that age

The way you phrase something makes a world of difference… e. g. :

a. “President Moi has been flown” - sounds ominous, like he could have been unconscious, alarming

b. “President Moi flew” - more congruent with what the article actually says (check up, visiting sites)

Unless you’re a pilot, you’re always flown. But people use ‘fly’ to say you traveled.

Wish him well.

Wengi walisema hivyo even in the 80s waliongea mbaya kumhusu.Those guys are long gone (dead) na yeye yuko tu.

Yes God. Toa utoto hapa.

May he get well soon


This is in very bad taste.

Quick recovery to Mzee Moi. Dr. David Silverstein, is He the same character who back in the days claimed he was curing HIV/AIDS using Oxygen ? Something that patients claimed was so painful.
Or that was Dr. Silverstone.


Tulisema mtu akishafikisha 70 years, hizo zingine ni bonus. Ungoje kifo polepole uwache kusumbua.

Jews :slight_smile:

When you eat organic foods all your life and don’t smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol and don’t live in polluted Eastlands, you have a chance to live longer than Methuselah. Also Baba Moi was known to be in bed early and early riser. By 5am it was rumoured that he used to have been already been briefed (by DC’s + PC’s and Police chiefs and Army) about the security situation in all of Kenya.

if i remember correctly the oxygen one was a silverstone who was a con.

I remember Arthur Obel with his Pearl Omega medicine. Also that KEMRI guy Dr Davy Koech the mwizi

Dr Davy Koech was a national same. Kemron was launched admist so much pomp and color, only for it to turn out to be fake.
Hawa wakalee walionyesha huyu mzee mambo, am not gonna talk about Nyayo Pioneer

Where is this koech…must have made tonnes of money from Kemri…kemri was koech and koech was kemri

Mwai wa Kifaki Government was up Koech A$$ for public fund embezzlement , he was to pay a couple of million shillings, and as usual was claiming bankruptcy.

Kwanza back in the day sijui kama we had office of the auditor general…kemri, like all government institutions were very opaque…lazima alikula proper…am surprised hajaingia siasa to protect his wealth

Koech nowadays I hear is a drunkard and lost a son to drugs. His properties are still frozen and he has lost a fortune to cons who assure him they can get his accounts unfrozen.Karma I say. Imagine they stole even retirement funds. Old retirees are still crying at kemri.