Baba makes a donation

H. E Raila Odinga makes a personal donation of 1,000 sheets of mabati, 400 mattresses and 400 blankets to the victims of the Kijiji Fire Tragedy in Langata. Accompanying the People’s President are Hon Oscar Omoke, Hon George Aladwa, Hon Simba Arati, Hon Anthony Oluoch and Hon TJ Kajwang.

The People’s President castigated the plot by the Usurper William Ruto to Annex public property for personal use through deliberate acts of arson. Hon Odinga challenged Ruto to declare his interest in the property having previously used similar tactics with the same partner to try to grab the Langata Primary School playground.

Why are you posting this here sisi hapana taka kuskia mambo ya baba, all we want to hear are the jubilee development projects

Donating mabati, mattresses and blankets is a good gesture. The negative energy in his speech during the exercise has cancelled any good he did.

that donation imetoka kwa ile paybill ya nasa hajafanya kitu noma

@native son do the maths utupatie total hesabu ya hizo material

should demand more those jamaa

Amejaribu sana.

Wapi effdense hata kama ni ya …

The dynamic duo has completely ignored all of his recent political activities leaving the task of dealing with him to junior government operatives.
This is a deliberate effort to try and make Ruto engage him and I doubt if he will get any response.

The problem with TmT is that he is too tribal. Look at his entourage… All from the water hole. It’s such a shame

2.5 mill on the higher side. amejaribu sana.

Hehhe unaita the great Nam lolwe water hole?

Not at a funeral. Donation. SHOCKING!!!

It is good he is engaging in a worth activity, the greatest of men are philanthropist not politicians.
It is also universally acknowldeged that “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop?”

That place behind him is called Pamba Fries. Its brothel where all the chics look like @pamba

Mabati moja ni 1k so that’s 100k
400 mattresses at 3k = 1.2m
400 blankets @ 600 = 240k
Haikufika 1.5m

Good… For the first time babu

Utakuta he approached an Indian friend akampa for free apeane. The story is he uses other people funds sio?

Mabati ni 580 kshs. Weka quantity discount

i knew i was being generous:)