Baba kusema ukweli mtupu


Ojinga sacrificed this Kenyan kids … More evidence soon…maandamano na vifo…Ojinga Is connected to Ezekiel who is connected to McKenzie. It’s one united cult…it’s obvious…wote ni azimio ya kifo Kenya…they even have same idiot “lawyers” if I could call Omari one

Mganga is really disturbed by Christianity. No matter how much he tries to hide, it always comes out. Enugu manenos

Danstan Omari is a lawyer of Assimio as well as Ezekiel and Mackenzie

He’s used to putting a size 13 foot in his mouth at crucial times

All cultists wawekwe ndani.

Ni jagathi ama?

Loose nuts everywhere. Huyo mwingine was praying for borehole water. Sasa ona huyu:

[SIZE=7]Dorcas Rigathi Recounts How She Met Gachagua After Attempting Suicide[/SIZE]
[li]by WASHINGTON MITO on Friday, 19 August 2022 - 3:18 pm[/li][/ul]
Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s wife, Dorcas Rigathi, recalled meeting her husband at an event where she had planned to attempt suicide.

Speaking to KTN News on Thursday, August 18, Dorcas stated that she wanted to breach the security of the late President Daniel Arap Moi, an event her husband was attending.

In her plans, the Second Lady thought her actions would warrant the armed officers to open fire. However, contrary to her expectations, the police did not repel her.

"When the President stood, I ran across in line with where he was. I did not know how it happened as it was God’s way of doing things. He (Moi) started coming towards me and I bumped into him.

“That is where I met my husband as he was in charge of the delegation,” she stated.


She should have tried rat poison.

Whore ranny , eti baba is Disturbed by Christianity?:D:D:D:D:D:D yaani after Christianity is killing baruyas pale SHAKAhorror chainsaw massacre u think it’s Baba’s fault na yeye si wa kanisa?

Wee ni umbwaa koko iko na ukimwi

Kagege tupatane Langata cemetery nikufinyie kabla niende maandamano

:D:D:D I’m allergic to wasenge…u would kula a mag of bullets prior…for a msenge na reload…next…na uambie Ojinga iko hapo juu yako I don’t engage cows

Amesema headquarters ya cult leader iko pale state house! :D:D:D

Kabsaa. Hapo ndio shida iko

Nyamazisha kuma bakuli