Baba kortini

It’s a morning and his earthquakeness states his vifaranga case in a government funded court trying to fight the government. On the bench are old men who are way past erect-ability and with less than 30 years to hell why give a hoot about petitionsthey are just there ft their 8 to 5…and may be a woman is to fool people about the gender rule. I don’t expect kimilil poys pand to admit anything despite some polling stations having more votes than voters-which by the way makes those thirty four something forms look sound broken than the eggs the chicks hatched from. How do you unseat a man who has already made inauguration plans and is probably mpesa-ing his daughter money for that new dress. And how do you make the courts work for you esp after the chocking of africog and khrc. Good luck Joshua…we still wandering chewing manna. if u make it m officially dumping my blanket for a Kenyan flag. nothing could be warmer than patriotism. Good

One polling station had more votes than registered voters. The IEBC told us about it otherwise wouldn’t have known; and they threw those results out.

Now tiger here has changed the story to some polling stations! Wha’ever…



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Even in the Bible, After Joshua was done, the Judges came after him