Baba is seriously networking in the mountains

He has met Pauline Njoroge and Moses Kuria in the last 24 hours.

Meeting people who have been insulting him shows how desperate baba is.

There are no permanent enemies or friends in politics

Baba is ready to hit the G-Spot

This is his last bullet

Just like the one we worship, Arror is jealous, and avenges; Arror avenges and is furious. Arror will take vengeance on His adversaries, And He reserves wrath for His enemies;

That’s why ruto will never move an inch to the throne. Unaweka grudge kwani ni Bibi yako? In politics you don’t keep grudges and you don’t declare loyalty

Baba never learns. Hizi jamaa zitamruka when he needs them the most. Halafu ataanza kuimba kimeibiwo

Vile @ranny atasema

MK banae ni kama alikanyanga wire … live live.

Tumesikia na temeelewa.

he’s the next president and I repeat; You cant fight deep state

Pauline ni blogger ya kawaida she can only deliver her own vote

She commands reasonable following among the Kieleweke youths. Baba will be endowed to have her in his ranks

Little raunchy there, don’t ya think

Surprised pikachu face:D:D[ATTACH=full]390250[/ATTACH]

Why did Uhuru lose in 2002 yet he had Deep State by his side?

And kisha on top of thst he had the backing of a powerful president.

Deep state can only influence polls to a certain extent. If the will of the people is too strong, the deep state can’t dictate the outcome. Hata gari ikiwa na engine mpya na tyres ziko deflated, it can’t move.

Close to 70% of the population was supporting Kibaki. Moi wouldn’t have risked to rig with only his Kalenjin tribe supporting Uhuru