hii maneno ya kuita raia odinga baba ni upus. calling another man baba apart from ur father au the real baba wa taifa MOI, a beating should be administered to you[ATTACH=full]50178[/ATTACH]

@Okwonkwo TMT seems to bring out the osungu.dll in double doses for @mabenda4
Whenever I see @mabenda4 commenting on TMT mi nasameheanga yeye in advance for all osungu.dll ommisions and commissions hata kabla nisome comment.
Hapa hata TATA,osungu.dll Forklift,chicken itaiva kesho.dll,English KO punch hasiezi saidia. Hata usimwite @introvert
Wino itatumika buuure!

Someone pass me the seat please, matusi will roll in this thread. I’m here just to watch

This is a more dangerous variant of bungee jumping and it only done in a fictional place called ‘Corolado’…somewhere behind Colorado…

I thought madam was banned from going to umerikani with Michael reneberger

Wacheni kuniingilia watu wangu. Vitu singine mnasamehea hivi hivi.

That said, The Monkey Trader has lost his stones kabisa. How does a perenial presidential aspirant loser benefit by attending a convention he wont even speak at. This guy just spends his time wishing and praying for any invite to attend some flimsy occasions.

Naskia baboun akitoka huko anaenda kuongea at the Razzies’ award ceremony on how to fail in style