Without you Baba, there are no politics in Kenya.
Without you, watching political news is boring.
Without you, the country looks confused.
Without you, newspapers have low sales,
Some Jubilee bloggers have nothing to write about,
Political analysts are loosing the meaning of politics,
News reporters look boring.
Some Jubilee reporters are becoming broke.

People love reading news about you.
You give Jubilee sleepless nights,
You give news anchors topics of discussion.

Come back quickly Baba…
News are boring without you.

Chieth guok.

Hio suti ya maDVD iko on point na kitenge ya Karua sio mbaya.

wewe na huyo babayako ni meffi

The monkey trader can go bunjee jumping in the Corolado or snorkelling in Mississippi for all i care. Alternatively, he could retrace the steps of the eary pioneers to Nebraska or just park into a Honky Tonk and hibernate till 2045.

pia ww ni meffi

Inbreds are out and loud

Hehehe…ati go bungee jumping. Halafu CORD ikatike…

hapana tambua babuon

Ukisikia baba ,unasikianga mwaharo

ching chong toa umeffi hapa

true news is boring…

We as reporters we have no news to report when baba is away

babuon ni raia kama mimi

Ask kiraithe he will tell u Raila c kama wewe

ata huyu alikuwa huko

the name alone makes grown ass men curse, piss and mourn like beeches on their periods. Napenda sana.

Hapa sasa umegusa tanye ya cobra.Ngoja jeshi ifike ikukamue vizuri literally.

He he nice one

Hii bunjee jumping ndio gani? @introvert kuja hapa na TATA