baba aitwe baba

[SIZE=6]Sonko now seeks Raila Odinga’s help amid City Hall power wrangles[/SIZE]

after kumwaga sewage, politics is never personal, wonder why people carry too much bile to the point o hacking your neighbour because he didn’t vote for your guy yet you are both being shafted hard.

You said it yourself. Politics is never personal. So, I hope Barber also acknowledges that songo akimwaga mavi, he was merely politicking. It was nothing personal.

Ama it’s other people who must always defer to barber?

Wacha hata neighbours killing each in IRL, huku online streets kuna watu wanaweza ua mtu if they met in person because of politics.
Sonko will learn how ruthless Uhuru is, just like the rest of us. Next ni Baba. Dawa yake ishaiva tayari according to the grapevines. Oh why am I not surprised that they are fighting for money??? I highly doubt Baba can help here as he has to tow Uhuru’s line kwa sasa.

Uhuru told us he is aware that there are cartels running rings in the county. What has he done about it? as the person in charge of all the coffers?

Uhuru and company are eating like nonsense bora tu mtu asikanyange mguu yake, sonko alimgusa, hao watu wanakula county most likely they thought they could edge out kenyatta family or eat more than them, they either tow the line or they get thrown under DCI or EACC.
i think sonko is just throwing tantrums coz baba hawes toa mdomo yake kwa feeding trough , but ame jaribu ku go into good books of uhuru mpaka ana support BBI, hoping to be left off easily.

kuna raiya who took that act so personal.

Well said. Wanakula with the big spoons shamelessly. Do you know the Kenyattas now think they own the country and us poor minnows too? I have met a few here and they all use the Kenyatta surname…even the Maganas. So revolting!!!
With Muhoho now gearing up to joining the family enterprise, ‘Kenyan politics’ sisi kwisha kapsaa.

Uhuru never supported Sonko when he ran for the seat. He was a Peter Kenneth supporter. He even said so at Murathe’s dad’s funeral huko Murang’a. You do know Murang’a kyuks own most of old Nairobi?

first paragraph describes you…you take Kenyan tribal politics rather too seriously

On the contrary dude. I don’t even vote and I don’t hate Nasa supporters, I know them when they pretend how they are supporting anyone else but him. I am just v vocal and cannot stand Baba Ingima.