Azor Uhai hujaambiwa vizuri hapa


Gathee. As a man, your skin color doesn’t mean shiett. Attraction is not symmetrical i.e what you find attractive in a woman is not what women find attractive in men. Skin color hupea msichana advantages, but for a nigga, pole gathee. At the end of the day you have to roll up your sleeves and get to work like everyone else. Peter Kenneth aliuza company ya insurance so he is obviously swimming in his billions. Yeye ni pesa yake inampea access sio skin color. Nobody gives a flying fuak about a dude’s skin color or any of that shiett.

I agree but I make an exemption for height and jaw

Nkuulize gathee … hii yote ulijuaje?

Unlike you, I read business news. Jaribu kusoma widely vitu zingine ziache kukukalia miujiza.

Peter Kenneth was a very productive MP during enzi za Kibaki huko gatanga

Proverbs ya watu wenye sura inakaa ka bahati mbaya

Tell me you are gay without saying you arw gay. Just who exactly gives a fuck about jaws in Kenya if it aint faggots

PK has the ears of majority of Nairobi birioneas majority who come from his home Muranga . wale Birioneas wa mt kenya foundation wanakuwanga nyuma yake .

on brownskin guyz unless ni homosexual ( @Douchebag confirm munakuwanga munapenda the browner ama the darker?) hakuna advantage ako nayo as a man, maybe some girls but bado girls ni pesa wameweka mbele

Hiyo story ya Kenya Re needs revisiting. Because it’s still a thriving company. I think it’s a Miguna tale. The sale of the company by PL never materialized, if my memory serves me right.

Apo sawa … sasa saidia sisi na maoni kwa hio thread apo chini kidogo. Hii miujiza nalemea mimi buana

Only mjuaji could respond to a joke with a lecture :eek::eek: