Azor Ahai

Wacha kushinda ukichanua mafala kwa comments. Ukiona fala anakusumbua na mareply lenga, it will diminish your energy. Kama mtu hashiki then he can’t be helped: some point just won’t get it.

Otherwise you and @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii have shared some good insights in this village through and through.

Ghasia kwani unakatia ndume mwenzako kwa platform?

You should send them private message. Wacha kujaza server na umeffi.

Is this something you couldn’t inbox them as the three of you organise a threesome?


Useless meffi homosexual post…
thread abandoned

You are extremely dumb beyond salvation if you take seriously what those gay men advice. Azor Ahai’s perspectives are always one sided and out of reality. Mimi Humwaga Ndani on the other hand recommmeds shunning of a very important social unit of society. He might be speaking from experience, but that is his own experience, everybody has theirs and thwir own life to live. Applying online strangers advice in your life, especially faggots, is not always a good idea

Enda uwa Lambe haga kwa inbox saitan.

I second that, pia mimi i have ceased wasting my energy here , hii kijiji imejaa bitter married men wamekaliwa chapati na their ugly wives. @administrator delete my account please

Wise words

Malisa them!


Kwenda kabisaa ghasia

Hater #2. Crawling out of the woodwork

Ulijoin juzi GHASEER! How are you even an ELDER? @Electronics4u ulichotewa ngapi na hii NV ndio uipromote?

Shoga wa kijiji anajulikana… mtu wakununuliwa pombe na jifathe.

Umejoin 2019 na bado ukona less than 200 likes… ghaseer

Ng’ombe hii bado una login na ulisema umechoka

Who doesn’t know @Azor Ahai is still @nyundo wa komeo ?
Guys this is a monologue, just check their handwriting

Unafanya nini apa ndani? Kwani umelazimishwa kukaa hapa?