Azor Ahai the rotten employer


Women can’t resist a man with power and money

Your wife spends 8 hours with a man who she submits to and pays her at the end of the month. She also knows that akileta hormones kazini she’ll be replaced in a jiffy so it’s pretty obvious boss akitaka Kuma atapewa

Our wives are saved and faithful

Chura niaje

this is some cold hard truth brother…:D:D:D


You have to be one fat, ugly motherf*cker to resort to banging your subordinates. You can never see a member of Cute Boys Association doing such nonsense.

True dat

Reminds me of a former boss ,jamaa alikua midget ,a lot of esteem issues .To make up for that ,nigga was always hitting on every female employee:D:D

Work hard and become the boss so you also join the club and stop complaining like a simp.

A man who has sex with his juniors has a mental problem or has esteem issues.

i support the motion, during my Campus days i used to be Business man, i ran a Fast food restaurant since i was busy with classes most of the time i used to hire Staff to work for me mostly they where ladies. I used to get first hand sex before employing them almost all of them either they where married or not. especially the one at the counter before we closed shop the deal was to pay all of them then remain with the one working at the counter, after all the workers have left i would close the door from inside and get my powerful shot before she goes home. So it happens

Huyo ni @MikeOck , mijinga kabisa

hii imechoma roho walai

Till she is not.

Wa kugawa atagawa tu and life goes on!

But truth is women are always attracted to a man who surpass them in anything, from age, education, wealth, power etc. That’s why vijana huambiwa to marry down in all aspects

Women only have rules for broke men.

Hasira zote inaletwa kwa mzee jioni