AZIMIO/ODM to camp at Supreme Court and IEBC offices


Well within his constitutional right, besides it may be to placate his following in the event the petition fails to sail through.

I have to ask though, would the same be possible if the reverse happened and Kenya kwanza were filing the petitions?

Hawa watu wamezidi na hizi theatrics.

Who advises baboon? Why put pressure on SC? Mtoto mzee akililia wembe mpe powersaw

A law abiding council, the continued effects of ethno terrorism cannot be ignored.

Whatever that means!

Every day ktalk teaches us new things

If the supreme court rules in favor of Rao, there will be political violence. If it rules in favor of Ruto, there will still be violence.

Wadau, prepare yourselves. Whatever happens, there will be violence

Ako na mbogi inafuata sheria badala ya vita za uka bila, there was an educative thread here about ethnic based terrorism.

Damned if you do, damned if you do not.

Only Ojingas will cause violence. That is what they want

There’s damage to property and loss of life, both are spurred by inequality of resources but one…one has a deep seated loathe for dissent.

The Lord of Violence is known… look at 2007.

But speaking at an impartial level, there will be violence since the country is basically 50-50 split between these two contenders. Violence, at this stage, cannot be avoided.

I for one wont go anywhere on the day of the ruling cause that will be ground zero for the start of violence

Let the old bull throw it’s dying kicks in peace

You seem to be praying for it so much

Funga thread


Violence is bad for business. Am just being realistic and i suggest you follow the same path so that you plan urself accordingly on the day of the ruling



Ladema and Kanchory kept shouting that the country will burn if Chebukati announces Ruto as the winner.

Chebukati went ahead and announced Ruto as the winner and nothing burned on that day and the days after that up to date.

Watu waache vitisho. Kenya will NOT burn.