Azimio in Thika

Kwani Raila atazidua campaign zake Mara ngapi.Alianza kasarani,akasema ameanza lazimi campaign zake. Tena akaenda bukungu western, akaanza tena. Tena nasikia anaenda Thika kuzidua campaign zake.Huyu mjamaa ako sawa kweli?Mimi najua Kenya siku hizi tuna upungufu wa wajinga?kuuliza tu!

Raila is an old senile fossil

Hajapata pesa ya campaign. Mama ngina ajatoa kitu, Treasury is under supervision of IMF so he is left with harambee house giving him 3 million weekly and paying his events and expenses only under handcheque payoffs. Hata that fake bravado groupie Mt. Kenya something ijatoa kitu. Everyone is wait and see. Promises are easy to give lakini mtu atoe billion in something not sure is hard. That is why RAT has to launch and relaunch his bid. He want to force the issue and get mass funding. Kwanza kasarani watu karibu walale njaa. They spent their money expecting funding after. It didn’t materialize. In 2017 kila MTU alitoka kasarani with programs, budget and personel approvals. Money paid immediately after. Kazi ikaanza.

Hapa Thika ni burning bridges tu. So now RAT has promised Moses Kuria that he will consult him on DP pick from central under the promise cck joins odm. When I sat join, its a secret MOU that will not be acknowledged in public and political parties register office. Why? Afraid its political suicide so they will pretend to be independent while support RAT incognito. After elections they reveal their tie up. That’s why its being launched in Thika. Hoping to get MK bid for kiambu gov going.

That aspect is not going down well with everyone else. We are enjoying all this from a distance. The disorganization, infighting, poor performance and scrumble by the conmen and elections tenderprenuers who had position themselves for billions that isn’t there. They have to fight for little given.

This is bad news. Kwani huyu mtu wa kitendawili hajui kujipanga buana? That is the height of incompetence to be broke 7 months before the election.

About Mount Kenya Mafia being hesitant. I believe they are hesitant for a reason. Nobody will bet on RAO before he convinces those OKA members back into his fold. He can’t win without them. He has to convince them first.

Looks to me like a perfect description of UDA.


Few wants to create a leader but all want to associated with a winner. The moment the tide changes and there is a clear margin that so and so will win, all will put their resources behind him. Ruto is enjoy all the money he can get because he looks like a sure bet, while handshake team is selling the deep state power story to lure investors. Raila is ever whining about the amount of money ruto is spending on his campaigns, this shows how he is struggling to get funds.I do not know why handshake team is mean to him.


Because he has a bad track record and he hasn’t convinced OKA to join him. Without OKA he is a bad bet.

Another poorly attended launch. Hii pesa yote ya harambee house for security purposes is wasted in this doomed political desperation. An MP with all that state mobilization should at least fill this stadium. RAT and this toxic kibichoo bloggers are a match in disaster.


Wasapere hatuna time ya kupiga siasa but pale kwa debe kitaeleweka. Azimio TIALALAAAA. Say no thiefing.

Itumbe you are trying too hard buana. Btw umepona?

Itabidi uingie ground vizuri Wanaruona…apart from the few elites who really don’t vote, Uhunye has to come himuresfu to actually campaign for him. Mashinani bado